Arrival of the bride – The wedding begins!

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The arrival of the bride is, for me, the real start of the wedding. This will be by car or carriage at church (though I have photographed a few brides talking a short walk from home to the church) or the moment she leaves the room she has used to get ready if it is a venue wedding.

Normally the bridesmaids will arrive before the bride and it is good to get some shots of them as soon as possible, particularly if they are young children, as they may be getting bored by the end of the ceremony.  This will also help them pass the time while waiting for the bride. It can be helpful to remind the maids that the bride could some help getting out if she is arriving by car.

Photographs of the bride and her escort (I never assume it will be her father though it often is) in the wedding car or, perhaps, as they come down stairs at a venue are a good idea but I also like to take a more formal picture of the two of them standing together just before the wedding ceremony. If it is her father escorting the bride there can be very touching moments just before they walk into the ceremony together as he realises that his “little girl” really has grown up and is moving on.

As I normally photograph the wedding from the back of the church/room (more about this in my next post) I can stay with the bridal party right up to the time they walk in. This allows me to capture photographs like the one above as everyone gathers themselves into formation and the maids do final adjustments before they all walk in and up the aisle.

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