First Dance Photography

Ending the Wedding Day

As I mentioned at the end of my last post on wedding photography “The Wedding Meal” there is often a gap before the evening guests arrive. During the summer this evening time gives the best light of the day. The sun is lower in the sky which lights from the side rather than above. It also has a warmer quality, less harsh than at the middle of the day. When the light is perfect for portraits I often ask the couple if they would like to go out again for a short series of photographs.

Evening Guests

Evening wedding guests being greeted by the couple is often a good time for happy and relaxed wedding photography. This is a good time for informal groups photographs too. Everyone is less stressed once all the formalities of the wedding ceremony and speeches are over. In fact the whole wedding day is almost over from my point of view. However coverage ends with one of the most important and yet photographically challenging, the first dance.

Working with the DJ

I always check with the DJ to find out what lighting they plan to use and ask for a demonstration if possible. It dosn’t matter how the first dance is lit but it helps to know in advance. I do ask the DJ to turn off any laser lights just during the first dance. This is because the lasers make bright coloured dots or lines on the couple as they dance. These sometimes show on their faces, spoiling what would otherwise be romantic pictures.

Romantic Images

Keeping the romance in the first dance photography is the top priority for me. The photographs should be clear but not over lit. My aim is that pictures of the first dance should keep the atmosphere of the romantic highpoint of the whole day.

What Next?

This is where most wedding photographers will pack up and go home but I still have one more job to do and I will explain this in my next post