Introduction to wedding photography

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Hello There,

I am Chris Marsh and I’m a wedding photographer based near Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Working as a photographer might not be quite the sort of dream job that being a Paradise island caretaker or an F1 driver is!

But being a photographer still often comes up when people are asked what job they would most like to do, and for good reason. A professional photographer earns a living doing what hundreds of millions of people do as a hobby, they often have the best possible view of the events they cover and, if they are as lucky as I have been, they can get to travel the world all expenses paid.

This might sound great, and it is, but there are also responsibilities that come with the territory. An amateur can have an off day, make a mistake, not be in the right place at the right time and no-one will really care. As a professional photographer things are very different for me, I have to be on top of my game from the moment I start an assignment to the very end. The saying “You are only as good as your last job” was never truer than in photography.

Wedding photography takes this responsibility to the extreme. Couples these days put very large amounts of their hard earned money into producing a brilliant day of celebration for their family and friends. It is the wedding photographer’s job to capture images that will bring back to mind in detail all the atmosphere and events that made the day so special. There is no going back and doing it again, a moment missed is a moment lost forever.

I suspect this is why there are quite a number of photographers, even professionals, who would never photograph a wedding and yet I love it! Of all the areas of photography that I have been involved with over the years wedding photography gives me most satisfaction. It is great to be an “insider” on such an important day for everyone involved and to use my skills to turn the fleeting moments into permanent images.

Over the coming months I plan to post items on how I approach the various stages of wedding photography. It won’t be a “how to photograph a wedding guide” I would never recommend that anyone offer to photograph a wedding unless they are completely confident of their basic photographic skills but I hope that my tips and ideas might help make a good wedding photographer better.

People might be surprised that I am happy to pass on tips to other photographers who could well be my competitors. In fact I am happy that couples have a number of photographers to choose from and that they pick whoever suits then best. Improving the skills of photographers generally can only be good for the reputation of my industry as a whole. Of course, I am also assuming that only a small proportion of those who read this blog will be wedding photographers here in Lincolnshire!