I am one of few commercial photographers in Lincolnshire to be accredited as a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography

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The term Commercial Photography while closely associated with product and PR photography in fact covers a very wide range of assignments. A commercial photographer can be called on to produce a very abstract and creative image for the cover of a report or a technically perfect image recording details of damage in support of an insurance claim.

No two jobs are ever exactly the same, however most work falls into one of three general categories: Press & PR Photography, Product Photography and Architectural or Landscape Photography. You will find a gallery of my work and details of my approach to each of these three basic categories below.

Press & PR Photography Gallery

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Press & PR

Press & PR photography is almost always about people and usually people who are not used to being photographed.

One of my main objectives is to relax those involved and get them “on side” so that they will co-operate and look natural in the picture.

It also takes place in “the real world” and assignments are rarely as straightforward as they seem. This makes it important to quickly identify what needs to be done to produce the required picture without disrupting what is often a working environment.

The overall challenge though is to distil a story into a single image and I often find it is this very process of including only what is relevant and omitting distractions that leads to striking and effective images.

My work is not limited to photography in Lincoln or even to Lincolnshire and I am happy to quote for photographic assignments anywhere as required.

You have the assurance that the quality of my work has been assessed and approved by the British Institute of Professional Photography

Architectural Photography Gallery

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Photography of buildings and landscapes can be reduced to just two essentials – viewpoint and lighting.

With daytime exteriors the lighting is obviously dependent on weather but there will also be an optimum time to shoot any particular view.

This is often early or late in the day when the sunlight is softer and warmer in character as well as thrown more dramatically across the surfaces in the picture. Night time images can also be very effective and sometimes have the added advantage of hiding distracting urban details.

Photography of interiors usually features at least some level of artificial lighting. Although it is sometimes necessary to enhance this with a degree of additional photographic illumination, my preference is to keep atmosphere in the photograph by making full use of the existing ambient light.

I have done a good deal of architectural photography in Lincolnshire but I am happy to travel to other areas as required.

Product Photography Gallery

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Product photography

Product photography generally falls into three categories; The item can be shown in a clear and straightforward way (often on a plain background) or it can be taken in a more natural setting, sometimes called lifestyle photography The third style is to photograph the product in a more creative way – maybe only showing a detail.

Many product photography assignments will call for some photographs in each of these styles.

Getting a clear and uncluttered view of an item is usually best achieved in a studio type environment. I use the term “studio type” as this studio photography is often arranged in a temporary studio at the client’s premises, set up using my portable equipment. Most of the images above were shot in this way.

Selecting the right location is the key to successful lifestyle photography. The items then need to be positioned realistically and photographed in a way that will bring out their best features while creating an image that is attractive overall.

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