Product photography

Product photography generally falls into three categories and which you choose will depend on what you intend to use the image for.

The item can be shown in a clear and straightforward way (often on a plain background) or it can be taken in a more natural setting, sometimes called lifestyle photography. Alternatively you might want me to photograph the product in a more creative way – maybe only showing a detail.

Many product photography assignments will call for some photographs in each of these styles.

Getting a clear and uncluttered view of an item is usually best achieved in a studio type environment. I use the term “studio type” as this studio photography is often arranged in a temporary studio at the client’s premises, set up using my portable equipment. Most of the images above were shot in this way.

Selecting the right location is the key to successful lifestyle photography. The items then need to be positioned realistically and photographed in a way that will bring out their best features while creating an image that is attractive overall.


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