Why wait for your wedding photographs?

I was one of the first photographers to move over to digital media from the old days of film.

Most wedding photographers at that time got hung-up on the issue of resolution and completely overlooked the many other advantages that digital photography gives.

One of these is that there is no longer just one fragile, original negative for each photograph taken, now it is easy to produce any number of perfect duplicating digital files. I don’t need to wait while the photographs go through a messy wet processing process either; the digital files are available straightaway.

This is what inspired me to be, I believe, the first photographer in Lincolnshire to pass on the benefits of this instant Digital process to my wedding clients.

All the photographs that I take go straight from the card in my camera to my laptop and then written to DVD which I can give to my clients straight away, right there at the wedding. Not only does this mean that they can look at the photographs just as soon as they want but also that there are multiple copies of the files and they’re safe even if something happens to the Digital card or a hard drive.

Of course there are disadvantages to this way of working from photographers point of view, in that the clients get to see every single picture that I take because there is no time for me to edit out any of those that are even slightly less than perfect.

I don’t have a problem with this, people are intelligent enough to know that some photographs will be better than others and working this way puts the choice of which photographs are kept and which are deleted into the hands of the client, which is where it should be. After all one of the photographs that I give the couple and another photographer may have chosen to delete may have captured a special moment for them or might contain the only image of a particular friend or relative.

These originals (often over seven or eight hundred of them) form the raw material from which I select about one hundred and fifty to enhance. I encourage couples to select the photos for their book from these enhance images but they can still choose to use one of the other photographs if they wish to do so.

This reflects my general attitude to wedding photography, giving the clients the power to chose and using my skills to give them what they want rather than imposing preconceived ideas on them.